9. Eco Club / Green Practices Committee :

Clubs play an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. It offers programs and activities to encourage others to reduce pollution, plant trees, and more. Eco club is a voluntary group which promotes the participation of students in learning about, and improving their environment.

For teachers, it is a wonderful opportunity to create awareness, build attitudes and help students take up activities in real world, in a way in which the constraints of the classroom and curriculum will not allow. An eco club can thus help to extend boundaries and scope of the formal educational system encouraging creativity, and improving students for constructive action. Eco club activities can help the teacher to meet the objectives of environmental education, which are to create awareness and sensitivity among individuals and social groups to the total environment and its allied problems. Impart knowledge to help individuals and social groups gain a variety of experiences in and acquire a basic understanding of, the environment and its associated problems.

Build attitudes to help individuals and social groups acquire a set of values and feelings of concern for environment, and the motivation for actively participating in environmental improvement and protection. Teach skills to help individuals and social groups for identify and solve environmental problems.

Aims and Objecives of Club :

Chairperson : Dr. Channabasava .A, Principal
Coordinator : Dr. Prashanth Konkal
Members : 1. Dr. Sundar Mety
: 2. Dr. Sheshikanth Ummapure
: 3. Madhu, B.Sc V Sem
: 4. Uday Kumar, B.Sc III Sem
: 5. Harshita Hiremath, B.Sc I Sem

Duties :

Reports :