College Student's Union :

1. Objectives of the Union Shall be

2. Membership

All the students enrolled in the college shall be the members of the union. They shall have the right to vote and contest in all the elections of the college union

3. Term

The tenure of the office of the college union shall be one academic year.

4. Funds

The College shall institute a college union fund. It shall collect the prescribed fees from the students towards union activities along with the first installment of tuition fees at the beginning of each academic year and shall credit the same to the college fund.

5. Association

The college may have one or more associations subordinated to the College union, according to different subjects taught at the under graduate and Postgraduate level in the college. The college Union may also organize various forums or clubs.

6. Executive Committee

The college union shall have an Executive Committee consisting of
The President : Dr. Dayanand Salunke
The Vice President : Sri Sharanabasappa Biliyali
The General Secretary : Kum. Kavya Patil, B.Sc 5th Sem
The Joint Secretary : Kum. Vandana, B.Sc 5th Sem
Chairperson : Dr. Basawaraj Pujar
Association Coordinator Secretary
Literacy Association Dr. Nagaraj Dandoti Student Representative
Arts Association Sri. Raju Hosamani Student Representative
Science Association Dr. Channabasava Student Representative
Commerce Association Sri. Jalihal Sharanappa Student Representative
Cultural Association Sri. Manjunath Gali Student Representative
Sports Association Sri. Vinod C.M Student Representative
Nature Association(Eco Club) Sri. Prashanth Konkal Student Representative
Ladies Association Kum. Sridevi Student Representative
Library Association Sri. Mahesh Biradar Student Representative

Duties :

  • Advise on the college union activities for the concerned year.

  • Advise on the students welfare activities.

  • Help them to attain the objective of the students union.

  • Insist the college union to conduct the Co-curricular activities.

  • Help to Prepare the Budget and Plan of action for the year.

  • Give advice on the conduct of Arts, sports and games.

  • Insist them to follow strict rules of the college union activities and help them to keep the proper accounts and records.

  • Develop the discipline and morale among the students.

  • Supervise and give the guidance on over all activities of the college union.

Reports :

  • AQAR 2018-19

  • AQAR 2017-18

  • AQAR 2016-17

  • AQAR 2015-16

  • AQAR 2014-15