Green Campus Initiatives

A clean environment is a basic necessity of human beings for healthand efficiency. The main aim of them practice is to impart knowledge, create awareness and develop an attitude of concern and to nurture necessary skills to handle the environmental issues and challenges

Objectives of Green Initiative :

  • Promoting awareness of environmental issues among the students,staff and society
  • To achieve better sustainability in the campus and improve the quality of life
  • To create awareness about rare and medicinal/herbal plants
  • To implement 3 ‘R’ (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle) policy in the campus.
  • To use renewable energy resources (solar energy).
  • To support and implement “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” for healthy India.
  • To organize seminars/workshops/ activities etc. on environmentrelated issues

The main aim of thepractice is to impart knowledge, create awareness and develop an attitude of concern and to nurture necessary skills to handle the environmentalissues and challenges. The college is spread over 11.96 acres of lush green area. Borewell recharge pits are constructed on the college campus for harvesting the rain water.The college is using renewable energy like solar energy. recently college has installed Solar Power Generation Plant of 10 kWh. Signboards/posters are displayed on the college campus for encouraging ideas of plastic-free campus, less noise pollution, and environmental awareness. The college organizes seminars/workshops etc. on environment-related issues.LED bulbs are installed in the college buildings to save electricity.



"Hasiru Devobhava"

Environmental pollution is one of the key challenges that facing around globe. Due to global warming we are facing so many health related problems.College believes that in order for the students to excel academically, they must breathe in a secure and safe air. Besides, our students are regularly imparted lessons on the ethics of environmental preservation and to understand the needs and responsibility towards the goal of our Green Practice.

Eco-club, NSS and NCC unit institution is distinctively identified, especially in creating “Environment Awareness and Protection” - which is the outside purview of our vision, priority and thrust. The institution is doing its sincere efforts having concern to the ‘green growth’, is the sustainable way of growth and development of all living being.The task of making our campus systematically greenery was successfully initiated by the imagination, regular observation and direction of Sole Trustee His Holiness Shree Gavisiddheshwar Mahaswamiji, Sri Gavimath Samasthan, Koppal.

As a result, our campus is attracted by the greenery with different variety of tress in the open space and number of show plants, flower plants, lawns is developed. For pedestrian friendly, the decorated pavers are installed in the campus and inside college garden, which is added attraction to our green campus.To maintaining the green practice, our staffs and students have become a part of the green campus campaign.



LakshaVrukshotasva : Daiva Sakshatkarakke Lakshadeepotsva Prakruti Saakshatkarakke Lakshavrukshatasva

Nature is God’s most beautiful creation. It felicitates the growth, development and nourishment of all its creatures. Inthis  way  our institution follows the principle Daiva Sakshtarakke  Lakshadeepotsva Prakruti Saakashatrakkee Laksha Vrukshatasva it means to realize the God we need one lakh lighting the lamps in the same way to realize the nature we need minimum one lakh plantation of tree. How we worship  the god through deepa or lights  in the same way worship the nature through  planting plants how we celebrate  or worship god through large number of lightings  in special occasions [festivals] in the same way   protecting and creating awareness  about the nature planting one lakh tree in larger sense.

The  objective of drive is, distribution of  one lakh trees in city and nearby villages. The Plantation Drive was carried out under the  holy guidance of Swamiji, secretary & management members,  IQAC, Principal & staff he drive engages different departments, school, colleges, youth organizations, NGOs and other stakeholders to improve local environment and also giving spiritual touch to programme.

The need of the hour is Plant a tree for a better tomorrow. This is a good  time  to  initiative to sensitized about trees and made aware of the importance of tree plantation.

The tree plantation drives are planned in close consultation with the Horticulture and Forest, Gardeners of the college: saplings were prepared by our college students under supervision of gardeners all college students joined in preparation saplings in their leisure time in our herbal garden. The students prepare various saplings including Ashoka, Neem, Belpatra, Saptparni, and Kachnaar ofter the preparation of saplings during drive experts are fully selected saplings. Specific species are chosen for plantation suitable for the local environment particularly students participated in the drive enthusiastically and helped each other in planting the saplings. Specially management encourage in all aspects to success plantation drive students, employees, NSS, NCC, Eco Club to volunteer sincerely made effort to implementing the programme.

Municipality and local government authorities, citizens groups & our students facilitate  all the necessary arrangements  in  identification of suitable location/site for tree plantation. Initially in inauguration programme  was conducted in important office headquarters  in the city like DC, SP, District Hospital,  ZP, Schools, College Campuses, Holy Places, Slum areas finally drive concluded at Gavimath all these important places covered in first stage later all reaming saplings were distributed by students in different locations of city & nearby places.

Tree Plantation drive was to create awareness on “Go Green and Save the Environment” and to have a clean and green environment through major tree plantation activities.

The students participated in the tree plantation drive with great zeal and enthusiasm and thus made it successful. They pledged to spread the awareness for growing more trees.  They think a little efforts made by each of us can make a huge difference to the overall environment  of the local.  

Basically Koppal is less rainfall area &  awareness  about the environment is necessary to public & students. These type of huge one lakh plantation drives creates importance of plantation in the  huge manner  It is mss drive done by  our institution nearly 1700  boys & girls students & 50 teaching  & non teaching staff  under the  holy presence of  Swamiji  [ Sole Trustee ] secretary  & management members and also able guidance of IQAC principal &staff   it was recorded  historically first drive in the Kalayana Karanataka our institution‘s   Distinctiveness  creates  awareness about tree drive it leads to an development environment concern   among the students. All were happy and experience proud after the tree plantation event, as it gave great feeling to do positive for the nature.

These type mass  awareness and implementing programme are necessary for environment concern  because   we are damaging environment in larger scale small steps may not be compensate the damage therefore intuition take imitative to create awareness in larger scale in its first drive it creates distinct impact about institution among the students &  public.

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