8. Research Cell :

The institution has the research committee headed by the IQAC Chairman (Principal), IQAC Coordinator along with two faculty members with having research Knowledge. The committee meets periodically and discuss the various aspects of research related activities and encourage the faculty to undertake research activities, contribute Articles, write textbooks in their respective discipline.

Chairperson : Dr. Channabasava .A, Principal
Coordinator : Dr. Manjunath .M
Members : 1. Dr. Basavaraj Pujar
: 2. Dr. Sundar Mety
: 3. Dr. Dayanand Salunke

Duties :

Recognized Research Guide :

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Subject Recognized M.Phil/Ph.D Guide University Letter
Reference. No.
University Duration
1. Dr. Dayanand Salunke Hindi M.Phil & Ph.D Ref.No. 8/87,
Dated: 05.08.2010
Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Madras 2010-11 till further order is issued
2. Dr. Basavaraj V Pujar Kannada Ph.D Ref.No. KUH/REG/2017-18/193,
dated: 01.06.2017
Hampi Kannada University, Hampi 2016-17 till further order is issued

Number of Ph.Ds Registered per eligible Teacher during the last five years

Name of the Fulltime Teacher Qualification Year of Recognition as Research Guide Name of the Scholar Year of Registration Title of thesis for Scholar
Dr. Dayanand Salunke Ph.D in 2010 2010-11 Smt. Veenadevi 2014 "Rajendra Yadav Ke Katha Sahitya Men Pragatisheel Chetana"
Dr. Dayanand Salunke Ph.D in 2010 2010-11 Sri. Jagadish Chandra B Hanamanal 2014 "Kedharnatha Singh Ke Kavya Me Yugbodh"
Dr. Dayanand Salunke Ph.D in 2010 2010-11 Kum. Shobha 2015 "Mohandas Nemisharya Ke Katha Sahitya Mein Dalit Sangarsh"
Dr. Dayanand Salunke Ph.D in 2010 2010-11 Smt. Girija Shettar 2015 "Kusum Ansal Katha Sahitya : Vividha Ayam"
Dr. Basavaraj V Pujar Ph.D in 2012 2017-18 Parvatamma 2017 "Kannada Bandaya Kadambarigalalli Mahila Pratinidhikarana"
Dr. Basavaraj V Pujar Ph.D in 2012 2017-18 Yate Bramramba 2018 "Kannada Bhavageetegalli Mahile"
Dr. Basavaraj V Pujar Ph.D in 2012 2017-18 B S Poornima 2018 "Female Artists of Karnataka of Andhra Border. 'Professonal Drama (Theatre)'"

Reports :

  • Since last five years, the research committee met more than ten times, at which many recommendations were made and as a result of which the following are resulted its impact.

  • MRP Research proposals are submitted to UGC

  • Some fulltime and part time teachers are undertaken the task of research in their related subjects.

  • Faculties have attended the orientation and refresher courses, seminars, workshop, conferences, contributed articles and acted as the resource persons in the seminars organized by the different institution.

  • Faculties participated in the national and international seminars organized by home institution and other institutions.

  • The committee motivates the students to participates in the seminars and conference organized by the institution.

  • The institution provides the facilities like leave and study atmospheres to the staff who are involved in the research activities.

  • The college library has the internet facility and library access to e-resources and e-journals with INFLIBNET facility. The staff members are making of this facility at free of cost.

  • The Two eligible faculties of our institution guiding the Ph. D. Candidates. In this context, there four Ph.D. candidates are doing their Ph.D. work under the guideship of Dr. Dayanand Salunke Dept. of Hindi; and there are three Ph. D. candidates are working under the guideship of Dr. B.V. Pujar. Dept of Kannada.