32. NAAC Review Committee :

The NAAC assessment and accreditation are terms broadly used for understanding the “Quality Status” of an institution. The NAAC’s accreditation process follows a holistic, systematic, and objective approach for institutional improvement. Moreover, the assessment process provides an opportunity for the institution to measure its effectiveness and efficiency,identify its strengths and weaknesses and take necessary steps for improvement.

Institutional Steering Committee

A Steering Committee is formed to co-ordinate and supervise the compilation and analysis of data in connection with NAAC Accreditation. This committee is responsible for organizing the information and data, and preparing a comprehensive SSR. During the onsite visit of the peer team, the convener of the steering committee may also function as an institutional facilitator.

Chairperson : Dr. Channabasava .A, Principal
Coordinator : Mr. Arunakumar A.G
Members : 1. Dr. J.S Patil
2. Prof. Manohar S. Dadmi
3. Dr. Basavaraj V Pujar
4. Dr. Dayananda Salunke
5. Mr. Sharanabasappa Biliyali

The covenors/members of various criterion committees are:

Criterion I Curricular Aspects Dr. Shashikanth Ummapure 9886950838
Criterion II Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Mr. Jalihal Sharanappa
Mr. Praveen Hadimani
Mr. Sharanappa .C
Criterion III Research, Innovation and Extensions Dr. Manjunath .M 9945070301
Criterion IV Infrastructures and Learning Resources Mr. Mahesh Biradar
Mr. Vinod C Mudibasanagoudar
Criterion V Student Support and Progression Mr. Venkatesh Naik
Dr. Prashanth Konkal
Criterion VI Governance, Leadership and Management Dr. Karibasaveshwara .B
Dr. Raju Hosamani
Criterion VII Institutional Values and Best Practices Mr. Sharanabasappa Biliyali
Mr. Manjunath Gali