1. IQAC - Internal Quality Assurance Cell :

The institution has undergone two cycles of NAAC Accreditation, in 2004 and 2014. In both Cycles of Accreditation, it has been re-accredited with “B”, now the college accredited for 3rd cycle "B++" with 2.82 CGPA in 2021.

As a part of the Post-Accreditation quality assurance activity and as per the direction of the NAAC, the college has established the IQAC since 01-06-2005. The primary aim of the establishment of the IQAC is to develop a system for improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution. It also provides the sound basis for the enhancement and integration among the various activities and decision-making process to improve the institutional functioning. The IQAC of the college has identified and implemented the various quality improvements,through its meeting resolution, in the developments of physical and academic facilities of the institution. The details of the IQAC meeting resolutions action taken over it are provided in the college website.


Sl.No Name of the IQAC Members Representing in the IQAC
1. Dr. Channabasava .A, Principal IQAC Chairman
2. Mr. Arunakumar A.G, Asst. Prof. of English IQAC Coordinator
3. Dr. R.Maregoud, Secretary, SGVV Trust, Koppal IQAC Member
4. Sri. Sanjay Kotabal, Member, SGVV Trust, Koppal IQAC Member
5. Dr. Basavaraj Savadi, Principal, JGAMC, Koppal IQAC Member
6. Mr. Venkatesh Naik, Asst. Prof. of Sociology IQAC Member
7. Dr. Sheshikanth U, Asst. Prof. of Chemistry IQAC Member
8. Mr. Jalihal Sharanappa, Asst. Prof. of Commerce IQAC Member
9. Ms. Sridevi .H, Asst. Prof. of Commerce IQAC Member
10. Sri. Mahesh Biradar, Librarian IQAC Member
11. Sri. Arun F. Patil, Office Superintendent IQAC Member
12. Sri. Manappa Kammar, SDA IQAC Member
13. Sri. Chandrashekhargouda Patil, Alumni IQAC Member
14. Sri. Ashok Ojinahalli, Alumni IQAC Member
15. Sri. Shrinivas Gupta, Gupta Hair Industry, Koppal IQAC Member
16. Ms. P Sangeeta, G.S, Student Council IQAC Member
17. Mr. Mallesh, Student Council Member IQAC Member
18. Mr. Rushab, Student Council Member IQAC Member


IQAC of the institution has contributed to bring improvement in infrastructure and the Teaching Learning Process through following ways:

  • At the beginning of every academic year Principal gives direction through notice to coordinator IQAC, all HODs and teachers to prepare Department wise Time-Table based on the workload of the department and sync it with master time table of the college Time table.
  • And To prepare Department wise Strategic Perspective Plan and Curriculum Perspective Plan.
  • And to prepare college calendar of events in consultation with the coordinator and chairman of various committees and cells which are working under the College Student Council. And IQAC coordinator is asked to monitor its effective implementation.
  • IQAC encourages the faculties to go for Refresher course, Orientation Course, to attend national and state level seminars to update their knowledge. And to do Research work.
  • In addition to our Traditional teaching methods (chalk talk) the faculties are motivating to use ICT and techno-savvy tools and interactive approach by screening of film adoption of novels and upgraded the language lab and computer lab.
  • Short term Workshop training is organized for newly recruited staff.
  • To enrich the knowledge of the students, the IQAC of the college organized seminars and special lectures and arranges the interactions with the eminent persons who visited to our institution.
  • The IQAC instructs to faculties to carry out internship and field projects from students to gain practical knowledge.
  • Based on Feedback Analysis Committee Report about the student’s feedback on teachers, the IQAC has informed to the concerned teachers through principal to make necessary corrections and improvements in their teaching and learning process.
  • Based on the student’s feedback on courses, suggesting to make necessary changes in it, the IQAC has written letter, through principal, to the concerned Department of the Affiliated University.
  • The IQAC suggested to the management through principal, for the development of infrastructure, ICT facilities and to make recruitment to the sanctioned vacant posts, which provides the conducive atmosphere for effective and quality teaching and learning process in the institution.

Duties :

  • Planning for curricular and co-curricular activities.

  • Preparing the Calendar of events of the College.

  • Assessing the performance of Teachers and Learners.

  • Discussing the measures to be taken for Quality improvement of faculty and other staff.

  • Steps to be taken for the improvement of performance of learners.

  • Rendering assistance to the various committees and cells.

  • Preparing the Annual Report.

  • Evaluation of the Performance and the necessary Remedial Measures to be taken.

  • Regular Monitoring of the entire mechanism of various activities.

  • Constituting the Steering Committee to prepare the NAAC Report.

Reports :