25. Internal Complaints Committee :

The Internal Complaints Committees (ICC) ON SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF WOMEN AT WORK PLACES of the institution was constituted in the staff meeting held on 15th July 2017 which held at 12.30, in the principal chamber in order to take care of the complaints of women staff members relating to gender discrimination and sexual harassment cases on the campus, as per the UGC guidelines.

Objectives of ICC :

Methods :

  • The ICC is committed to creating a campus free from gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment or assault.
  • The ICC provides guidelines for the redressal of sexual harassment of female staff and students of the college. In this regard, the ICC conducts awareness programme every year about what constitute sexual harassment.
  • ICC ensures that victims and respondents are not to be discriminated or suffered from complaints.
  • The ICC is empowered to take Suo-motto notice of incidents of sexual harassment and gender injustice in the institute campus and act against the same in manner as it deems appropriate.
  • Board displaying the composition and contact details of ICC is placed at conspicuous spaces in the college premises and also on the college website.
  • ICC submit its annual report to UGC containing the number of cases it was approached with, number of cases pending and awareness programme organized by the institution during the year.

The mechanism for redressal of Internal Complaints :

  • Any aggrieved student or women may make a complaint in writing or oral of sexual harassment at collebe to the Internal Committee or Anti Sexual Harassment Committee.
  • The committee make proper investigation. Both victims and eye witness are not neglected or discriminated or not suffered for their complaints.
  • Any complaints in writing or oral are documented in complaints register and maintained with confidential.
  • The cell may recommend the following minor penalties on person found guilty of sexual harassment.
    • Warning (infront of the parents in case of refrain)
    • Written apology
    • Bond of good behaviour
    • Debarring entry into campus and hostel
    • Suspensions from attending classes for a specified period of time
    • Withholding of results
    • The culprit would be penalized according to the stated norms and seek apologies as such
  • Any minor(women's grievances) or sexual harassment cases are sorted out by the anti sexual harassment committee and in case of major and complicated cases are referred to the management through the principal for the appropriate action against the culprits.


Chairperson : Dr. Channabasava .A, Principal
Coordinator : Ms. Sridevi .H, Assist. Professor
Members : 1. Dr. Nagaraj Dandoti, Faculty
2. Dr. Basavaraj V. Pujar, Faculty
3. Ms. Tanushree .J, Lady Faculty
5. Kum. P Sangeeta, Student Representative
6. Kum. Vedha Hanji, Student Representative

ICC Meeting Minutes :

Action Taken Report :